February 2008

The Society is still here!
When our chairman, who was also our web site manager, relocated to Cambridge, considerable
reorganisation was necessary. The projects we had initiated with funding from the Local
Heritage Initiative, including the publication of a book and a large summer exhibition,
were completed.
The archive needed re-housing, which we have managed on a temporary basis while we
consider other options. The web site contact page needed altering (see para. on internet
addresses) and a new web site manager trained. The members needed to plan the future
Internet address
The Society can now be contacted through the web site or at fontmell.magna.vas@googlemail
.com Would people who have previously contacted  the Society, please update their address
books so that our past chairman does not have to continue to receive FMVAS e-mails, which
he then has to pass on to us.
The future projects we have planned include the following
•	An anthology of poems either about Fontmell Magna or written by Fontmell Magna
•	Research and documenting of more recent (1900’s) history of the village and its
•	Study of all the maps of the Parish of Fontmell Magna and surrounding area within
        the archive and to put them on to computer.
•	Research into the life and work of Rolf Gardiner in relation to Springhead,
        Fontmell Magna and surrounding area  esp. agriculture, forestry and the Springhead
•	Continue to produce quarterly newsletters.
•	To produce local family trees – especially those mentioned in articles already
Some of the material from these projects will be placed on the web site when completed.