A.G.M. September 2011



 Notes on the Annual General Meeting at the   Village Hall Thursday   15th September   2011 at 4.00 p.m.

Present:                Roger Hillman, John Gadd, Chris Bellers, Geoffrey Tapper, Dick Stainer, Carl Johnston, Helena Rigby, Gay Mole

 Apologies:            Judy Westgate, Dave Hardiman

 Chairman’s report –    Roger welcomed Helena Rigby, a new member to the group.

The workshops through the year had proved to be endlessly amusing, interesting, entertaining, mildly productive but full of wonderful anecdotes, which should really be recorded for posterity.

Roger reported on the great success of the Summer Exhibition 2011, hailed as the best ever by many respected critics. He thanked the small band of members who put in the work to stage the exhibition and gave of their time to man the exhibition.  The change of location helped produce better atmosphere and having the archive at hand greatly increased the interaction with interested and interesting visitors to the exhibition  – Including swapping of village postcard images.

Roger reported increased use of the archive and exhibition material by St Andrew’s School, Art Club, Fontmell Society and numerous individuals through the year.

 Treasurer’s report    It was reported that the finances of the society were healthy.

It was agreed to leave the £10 subscription at that level for next year.


Chairman                             Roger Hillman
Publication manager           Dave Hardiman
Secretary                              Gay Mole
Exhibition manager             Roger Hillman
Treasurer                             Carl Johnston
Accessionist/Historian        John Gadd
Webmaster                          Dick Stainer

Update on upgrade to the website       Dick Stainer said the website had been produced and he was presently testing it and clarifying issues with the developer..

The archive storage facility   Generally considered good but must be worked on further to make sure everything has a place, everything is in its place and everyone knows where the place is.  A new system for storing the large black folders was discussed and will be implemented over the winter and storage for the framed artefacts.

Workshops 2011 – 2012   – Third Thursday of the month up to and including July 2012

Members’ projects for forthcoming year.  Suggestions for activities included   study of the Mills of the area, Geoffrey agreed to work on Woodbridge Mill,  the farms of the area particularly Moores Farm , the history of the streets of Fontmell Magna and the Forth Road Bridge (latterly) of the Archive Society- sort the collection.

Dorchester History Centre Visit.   Yes in the Spring

Visit to Pipers Mill.  Yes  contact with Ruth to be made.

Exhibition 2013   It was agreed to hold an exhibition in 2013 but dates were not discussed .  John Gadd suggested the following as possible displays for the exhibition  –  Water supplies/wells  in the village :   Mills of the village:   John’s diaries :   Farms of Fontmell Magna:

Valley Villages Walking Club – John mentioned a walk he was leading in November that might of interest to members

Biographies of Notable Fontmellians   Roger suggested that we should collect biographies of people in the village who may in time become of interest to future generations – the thought stemmed from the seat in the Church yard in memory of Bill Brodie.   John said he had done a number already and would let us have them to put in the archive.

AOB  Roger informed the group that contact had been made with Gillingham Museum and hopefully there could be some mutual benefit from an exchange of information.  Dick to look into the use of Ancestry.com as they now give access to Births and deaths from 1865.