A.G.M. September 2012



Notes on the Annual General Meeting at the Village Hall Thursday 20th September 2012 at 4.00 p.m.

Present                    Roger Hillman, Chris Bellers, Geoffrey Tapper,  Carl Johnston,  Helena Rigby, Judy Westgate

Apologies                Dave Hardiman,  John Gadd,  Gay Mole,  Dick Stainer,

Chairman’s report
The chairman reported a relatively quiet year for the Society with some workshop activity but still a long way to go to consolidate the collection in its new home, after its nomadic life style when Ian Lawrence departed.

The new website was launched to some acclaim and we have evidence of its use by a wide range of people. A new copier/scanner/printer has been purchased to allow for the easier copying of items for research purposes and to allow on the spot scanning of material as we build our digital resource base to be published on the website.

The chairman was pleased to report the loan of displays to the school and the church during the year and the use made by the community of the Archive Society digital computer and display boards

John Gadd and Dave Hardiman have produced more editions of our newsletter and the Society decided that delivery through the Gossip Tree should continue as we try to reach as wide an audience as possible. The series in the Gossip Tree on the biographies of the soldiers named on the War Memorial, researched and published by Chris Bellers, has attracted considerable interest and more information.

John has also continued to provide items for the archive from his seemingly endless supply of material.

The annual visit to the Dorset History Centre proved valuable and enjoyable again this year.

The chairman closed with thanks to all the members of the Society for their continued support, particularly to the active group and encouraged all to attract new members if possible. 

Treasurer’s report –
It was reported that the finances of the society were healthy although lower than 2011 after some large purchases during the year. It was agreed to leave the £10 subscription at that level for next year.


Chairman Roger Hillman
Publication manager Dave has reduced his involvement with the group for personal reasons. Chris Bellers has agreed to take over reponsibility for the newsletter.
Secretary Gay Mole
Exhibition manager Roger Hillman
Treasurer Carl Johnston
Accessionist/Historian John has reduced his involvement with the group for the immediate future
  but hopes to return as soon as possible.
Webmaster Dick Stainer


Upgrade to the website
Dick Stainer reported that the website was up and running and he was looking to update our data base and image bank during this year in order that they should be published on the web site. 

The archive storage facility
Generally considered good but must be worked on further to make sure everything has a place, everything is in its place and everyone knows where the place is.  A new system for storing the large black folders was discussed and will be implemented over the winter and storage for the framed artefacts also developed. (this is a repeat of the comments made last year and a reminder to the Chairman to actually get the work done)

 Workshops 2012 – 2013
Third Thursday of the month up to and including July 2013. There was an expression of need to do more cataloguing, computer entry, checking and scanning of archives during these afternoons. The Chairman agreed to put a programme of activities together.

Dorchester History Centre Visit.
Yes; in the Spring

Visit to Mills.
Geoffrey Tapper is trying to arrange a visit to Woodbridge Mill in November as the VH is being used for elections.

Exhibition 2013
It was agreed to hold an exhibition in 2013 in the Village Hall and the dates were fixed as the first four days of August 2013 .  Suggested displays for the exhibition  included –  Water supplies/ wells  in the village :   Mills of the village:   John’s diaries :   Farms of Fontmell Magna:  Further discussion will take place at the October meeting.

The group agreed to pay the subscription to Ancestory.com for Chris Bellers who would be prepared to do some research for members.