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  • St Andrew’s Parish Church

    EXTRACTS FROM THE VESTRY BOOK 1800 – 1970 AND THE RECORD BOOK 1900 – 1916 Until Parochial Church Councils were born in 1921 the government and management of the church […]

  • Enclosure map
    Enclosures of Farm Land in Fontmell Magna

    Take a short walk out of the centre of our village in an eastward direction and you can see several fairly large fields, quite different from the majority of small, […]

  • Fontmell Magna, East Orchard and West Orchard

    FONTMELL MAGNA, EAST ORCHARD AND WEST ORCHARD The civil parish of Fontmell Magna spreads in a long strip from east to west. The eastern end is on high ground at […]

  • Fontmell Magna in Roman Times

    ROMAN FINDS Over the past three years 72 Roman coins have been discovered along with 24 pieces of broken jewellery and fastenings in an area of about half the size […]

  • Sir (Walter) Newman Flower

    Sir (Walter) Newman Flower (1879-1964) The study of local history requires patience and some determination. It is sometimes difficult to separate myth from reality and when there are many layers […]

  • Guest Article from Compton Abbas

    The Church that Climbed Uphill Down to the east of the Barcelona-to-Glasgow-superhighway (sometimes called the A350), where the mist rarely rises from the valley before midday, lies the sleepy hamlet […]

  • 18th Century Tourists in Dorset

    The village of Fontmell Magna is situated about mid-way between the two market towns of Shaftesbury and Blandford. Today the busy A350 joins these two towns, but in the 18th […]

  • Village Life 140 Years ago

    Sir Richard Glyn Visitors to Fontmell Magna are often lavish in their praise of its beautiful setting, of its pretty cottages, of its peaceful church yard, its crystal-clear stream and […]

  • The Mystery of the Mayo Family

    The name Mayo has long associations with Fontmell Magna. It is quite a complicated story, but worth pursuing if you have the patience. It is a good example of how […]

  • Tollgates

    Introduction During the period 1750-1780 Dorset experienced profound changes in its road systems with the introduction of Toll Roads in many parts of the county. The Great West Road from […]